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System Of Shakti Schools

Shakti school works with a system in place. We prepare students for competitive exams keeping in mind that they should also be fundamentally strong.

It’s a unique blend of Boards + Competitive exam preparation. Cramming without understanding is nowhere in our system. The students are given worksheets based on a topic which makes their understanding even better.

Regular test taking and evaluation helps in the development of the students. Parents are regularly sent the test marks of their kids to make them aware about their kid’s progress. All the teachers are best in Saurashtra in their respective subjects.

They all work in a committed way for the growth and progress of all the students. The students are divided as per their caliber and grasping ability so that there are like minded students in a class capable of studying at almost same pace.

Such a division helps us in teaching them as per ‘their’ requirement. School sets high discipline standards for their students.

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