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He is the Young Turk, leading the charge of the youth brigade. Physics is undoubtedly the most difficult of all subjects and under him learning physics is fun. He explains the toughest concepts in the simplest way. Other than simplifying the nuances of the very important subject of Physics, he leaves no stones unturned to make sure of the all round development of students through games and sports. The Shakti-ites have brought many laurels to the school, which again proves the ‘indomitable spirit’ that is ever active & unfolding. Sudeep Sir is always approachable for any student for any of their needs. No prizes for guessing it right that he is immensely popular.




He's another vital cog in our scheme of things. Being a Physics teacher is more than challenging, given the importance of the subject and the numerous hurdles one has to get past. But with                       Mr. Panjwani Physics as a subject becomes increasingly interesting and attractive for the learners due only to his own unique methods and techniques of teaching. He's more than well aware of the opportunities that open up for his young learners as Science students. He delivers at his best, every single time.


[3] KUNAL MEHTA (M. Sc., B. Ed.)


He's a Physics Faculty. Possesses the right mix of exposure and experience in fruitfully dealing with a subject regarded to be the toughest of all in the Science stream. He can strike the right chord with the students of the current generation. He leaves no stones unturned to deliver well beyond the expected levels of our young learners.


[4] SMITKUMAR OZA (B. Tech. - Mechanical Engineer)


He inspires, motivates & guides students to repeat the performances he has been effortlessly exhibiting for years on end.

He is a faculty who puts in a lot of hard work before he enters the classroom. Always ready to learn & grow. Due to these qualities, he can handle a difficult subject like Physics, effortlessly.







‘Ambition is made of sterner stuff’. This one liner describes the Principal aptly. He is undoubtedly the best Chemistry Teacher in Saurashtra. He makes understanding of a normally boring subject like chemistry quite interesting. His sense of humour is like icing on the cake. Brijesh sir, along with his trusted and proven faculty members, has been working untiringly towards this goal of giving the students (Shakti-ites) the need of the hour i.e. exposure to the national platform of Competitive Exams. The institute’s results speak volumes about the quality education that SHAKTI SCHOOL is so proud to cater to its valued stakeholders under him. He is a truly dedicated soul indeed.


[2] SAGAR MAKWANA (M. Pharm)


He is a genuinely talented and dynamic individual to have ever joined his forces to the already distinguished pool of teachers at Shakti School. He brings in the all important elements of fresh, practical ideas, culled from his on-field exposure of theoretical & practical aspects of Chemistry.


[3] NIRAG MAVANI (M. Sc., CSIR UGC – NET Qualified)


One of our Chemistry Faculties. He is young, energetic, dynamic and rightly motivated to guide and prepare millennial students to get to their cherished goals, be it GSHSEB final exams or other competitive examinations. He is a taskmaster. Insists on discipline which is a set benchmark of Shakti School, while being amiable and approachable for learners whenever the need arises.




He is a Faculty who specializes in teaching at Boards’ levels. He, too, prepares and provides excellent, customized Study Materials to students for their extensive practice. Being vastly experienced, he is always ready to help out students for solving their doubts any time, every time. 




[1] SUDHINDRA UPADHYAY (M. Phil. - Mathematics)


He is a special recruit for preparing “Grade – A” students for various competitive exams of All-India level, like JEE Mains & Advanced. He has vast knowledge & experience in his specialized domain. He provides excellent advanced level worksheets. He possesses unmatched knowledge of theories and thus prepares our students for Advanced levels. Our capable students therefore don’t need any other coaching or guidance.


[2] GHANSHYAMSINH GOHIL (M. Sc., B. Ed. – Mathematics)


He is a dedicated teacher, in the truest sense of the term. Teaches his subject passionately, not professionally. Students learn Maths with him enthusiastically & profitably. Like a champion coach, he gets the best out of his protégé.


[3] RAHUL MAKWANA (M. Sc., B. Ed.)


He is a very diligent teacher and a hard task master. He makes nuances of Maths look so easy & interesting to students. He motivates students to excel in this all important subject, which will stand them in good stead, going forward.


[4] RAJENDRA KORADIYA (M. Sc., M. Ed., Gold Medalist, MCA)


He is another very able and efficient member of the Mathematics Department. He is a perfect foil to other teachers. The teachers gel well with each other and give the very best to the students. He is the one having immense knowledge about all national level competitive exams. Rajendra sir instils the much required confidence in his students to do well and come up with flying colours.


[5] VISHAL CHAVDA (B.E., B. Ed.)


This particular Faculty comes with the right combination of youth and experience. He has experiences galore of educating Std. 11-12 Science students. Moreover, he retains more than enough of what's required in terms of passion, drive, enthusiasm, and unflagging focus. He's well equipped with the latest gadgets and technological updates which enable him even more when it comes to delivering quality education.




(B. Sc. (Zoology), M. Sc. (Endocrinology), Ph.D. (Reproductive Endocrinology))


If an educational institute must have a Faculty to groom and nurture its B-Group students, then it has to be her. Equipped with PG and Doctorate degrees, she is best suited to help fulfil the goals and dreams of Biology students to become a Medical Practitioner, going forward. She takes pleasure and pride in doing just that. Her students are practicing medicines in UK, USA etc. She discourages rote learning, emphasizes on conceptualization of topics, and the right use of teaching aids. She has almost two decades of experience in teaching ICSE, ISC, IB Board’s syllabus.


[2] GAJENDRA KHANDELWAL (M. Sc., B.Ed., NET – Life Science)


He is another Biology Faculty. He did his graduation with Botany, Chemistry and Zoology. Has a PG in Botany. With a wealth of experience in teaching CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB Board syllabus, he's the perfect candidate to (more than) take care of the needs and demands of students in performing exceptionally well in NEET Exams and the like.


[3] R.K. SHARMA (M. Sc. – Biology & Chemistry, B. Ed., M. Lib. Sc.)


A sober guy but a hard task master. Knows the subject he teaches like the palm of his hand.  He possesses the wide experience of having taught in a number of institutes previously. Students can and do benefit from his exposure to extensive use of the latest technology in vogue these days.  






He is our Computer Faculty. Qualifications like PGDCA apart, he possesses a huge wealth of expertise to bank on. He has penned down a book (in respective subject) to his credit. He continues to enlighten students with his in depth domain knowledge in a world which is constantly being challenged by continuous innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other technology upgrades. Students usually look forward to his lectures eagerly.






He is one of the best teachers of English in Rajkot. His dynamic personality makes learning of English quite easier and interesting. For Science students it’s quite normal to ignore this language subject but with Barman sir’s method of teaching, that seems quite difficult. He is a very committed teacher with excellent command over his subject.


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